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1713 - 2013: 300 years of hilltop villages

The jubilee year 2013 was remarkable. Neuastenberg and the other hilltop villages on the Rothaar ridge celebrated a lavish anniversary party.

Anniversary program
  • Feb. 17: Nostalgic ski race on the Postwiese meadow
  • 31. March: Easter fire in Langewiese
  • 20. April: Annual meeting Wittgensteiner Heimatverein in the Schützenhalle Neuastenberg
  • 13-15 July: Traditional marksmen's festival
  • from 17 July: Piling up of the charcoal pile entrance to the biathlon stadium
  • from 26 July: breaking up of the charcoal pile
  • 3/4 Aug: Jubilee weekend with a big festive program

Saturday, 3 Aug:

Schnadegang from 2 p.m. from Albrechtsplatz with 6 stations and 3 p.m. from Helleplatz with 4 stations to the finish point Schützenhalle Langewiese with festive evening and music by the Big Band Battenberg.

Sunday, 4 Aug:

Foundation celebration in Neuastenberg, around the church

11 am: Ecumenical church service

12 o'clock: Official ceremony with speeches:

  • SD Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (patron).
  • District Administrator HSK Dr. Karl Schneider
  • Mayor of Winterberg Werner Eickler
  • Mayor of the town of Bad Berleburg Bernd Fuhrmann
  • Local history society Winterberg Dr. Friedrich Opes

Ceremonial address: Dr. Ulf Lückel

Festive music: Stadtkapelle Winterberg

Program: (among others)

  • Historic skiing i. Winter sports museum
  • Charcoal pile with charcoal sale
  • Former brush factory Neuastenberg with exhibition
  • historical rope making
  • Wood saw art with exhibition
  • Historical chainsaw exhibition
  • Wood moving with horse team
  • historical agricultural machinery
  • exhibition mountain meadows life project
  • creative groups with handmade, wooden goods and cooking recipes
  • and much more